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New basses added to the "In Stock" page.


The "Nashville" series bass line is now available. 


...Introducing ETHOS...



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Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

 "RICH! This is Jay, proud owner of 17B.  I still use this thing exclusively for all shows and rehearsals.  I still haven't found ANYTHING that feels better in my hands, and I still play whenever I can. I even just bought a no-good ....(other bass manufacturer) that will be getting sold (4 string, don't worry). Thanks again for building the only bass to ever feel like home in my hands."

"Wow! This thing is a beast! It has beautiful tonality, and a hell of a punch! It's so incredibly solid! I like the thin body. It's not only comfortable, but it cuts down on the extreme weight of the woods in this bass. I know of only one other luthier that makes basses thin like this one.
I put it to the test last night and played it with my band. They were impressed! My drummer said it sounds "crisp and precise." The guitar player was equally impressed. He joked that it was a great excuse to go and buy another guitar. 
It sent chills up my spine! This is exactly what I wanted! A gorgeous bass with an aggressive tone! I find the notes ring out smoother than the warwick with much more tonal control. I can rip up a slap line and then roll over to the neck pickup and drop bombs without having to use any effects. The EMGs' are incredibly loud and present. I now have to use the "active" input on my amp. :) I don't think you're getting this one back!
Oh yeah, I love your headstock design! It is unique, attractive, and yours! Thanks for not covering the stripes veneer. Even the electronics cover is attractive! 
Thank you very much, and I hope to drum up some business for you in the future."
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